Chris Foreman

Chris has been working in the broadcast industry for over 30 years, a lot of it as an editor, camera operator, sound recordist and troubleshooter. He has an unrequited love of technology and a loathing of tomatoes.

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22 October, 2020

How good is drive-in cinema as an alternative in a pandemic?

With the current world wide situation it’s interesting to see the emergence of drive-in cinemas in the UK. Traditionally associated with long hot...

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7 October, 2020

Sony WH-1000XM4, does it deserve the spotlight?

With the recent launch of the Sony WH-1000XM4 (£349) this year Sony has once again stepped into the ring to fight for the crown best wireless noise...

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26 August, 2020

The word 'cinematic' isn't relevant any more [opinion]

Replay: The idea of something being 'cinematic' may well have reached the point where it simply has no meaning any more. Does it need redefining?

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13 August, 2020

Edelkrone Controller review: Control multiple devices in one go

We review Edelkrone's Controller, a device that lets you control multiple motion control rigs in one device.                                        ...

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29 July, 2020

Choosing a camera is difficult if you plan to use it professionally

Choosing a camera for broadcast use used to be fairly straightforward. But ever changing requirements have now made it a bit of a minefield. The...

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25 July, 2020

Sigma fp review: A capable but quirky cinema camera

Part 2 of our comprehensive look at the Sigma fp. Here we take a look at the new firmware features and how the camera could work for you.

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20 July, 2020

Sigma fp review: A very unique cinema camera

With the recent release of the long awaited firmware version 2.0 has the Sigma fp become the tool every director should have in their bag? In this...

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27 May, 2020

Blackmagic Design SmartView 4K, not just for racks?

Review: Can the Blackmagic Design SmartView 4K serve as a small edit client monitor and also make sense for use with a camera?

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10 May, 2020

Compression is amazing but can it be broken

Video compression has evolved over the last 30 years to become a vital tool and an effective way of viewing content whether that’s at work, at home...

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6 May, 2020

So you can’t go to the cinema, is VR a viable alternative?

With the recent coronavirus outbreak, many things have changed in day-to-day life.  In the entertainment industry, most production has been delayed...

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