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10 May, 2020

Compression is amazing but can it be broken

Video compression has evolved over the last 30 years to become a vital tool and an effective way of viewing content whether that’s at work, at home...

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6 May, 2020

So you can’t go to the cinema, is VR a viable alternative?

With the recent coronavirus outbreak, many things have changed in day-to-day life.  In the entertainment industry, most production has been delayed...

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13 March, 2020

Dolby Vision IQ, a new take on an old feature?

Auto brightness adjustments on televisions are nothing new, but Dolby's Vision IQ is an attempt to make HDR viewing more viable in a wider variety of...

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6 March, 2020

Sigma's 35mm F1.2 DG DN lens; beauty or beast?

Review: Beauty is more than skin deep. The Sigma 35mm f1.2 DG DN lens certainly looks beautiful, but can it produce the goods picture wise?

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5 March, 2020

There's no excuse for bad frame rate conversion now. So why do we keep seeing it? [opinion]

What’s wrong with this picture? The move to predominantly watching TV via streaming services has meant the emergeance of new problems. And not all of...

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25 February, 2020

Can tools for restricted mobility gamers be used for those wanting to edit?

In September 2018, Microsoft launched its adaptive controller for the Xbox One (XAC) which was aimed at providing an interface for people with...

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22 February, 2020

3D could yet make a comeback worthy of Dracula. Could it be driven by 8K HDR? [opinion]

Some people might be glad that it appears that 3D has apparently had a stake driven through it and then nuked from space for good measure. But could...

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13 December, 2019

The Sensel Morph is an incredibly clever new control surface

The Sensel Morph is a control surface that can be used for any type of physical control you could care to think of. We find out how well it performs...

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12 December, 2019

Beware the Frankencamera. It might be costing you more than you think [Opinion]

'Frankencameras' are now commonplace. But ex BBC cameraman Chris Foreman argues that such rigs aren't just a potential false economy, they can cost...

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29 November, 2019

The word 'cinematic' isn't relevant any more [opinion]

The idea of something being 'cinematic' may well have reached the point where it simply has no meaning any more. Does it need redefining?

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