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Sony tightens the battle over wireless earbuds with new LinkBuds S

The new Sony LinkBuds S. Image: Sony.
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The new Sony LinkBuds S. Image: Sony.

The battle over mid price wireless in-earbuds is hotting up, Sony have released another addition to its extensive range of products. Joining the lineup are the LinkBuds S.

These follow on from the original LinkBuds, although they share a very similar name they are quite different. Instead of the original’s distinctive open doughnut shape which allows ambient sound through, these new earphones have active noise cancelling and are a traditional closed design.

They are positioned in the lineup below the flagship WF-1000XM4, which I’m sure is soon to be updated.

These new LinkBuds S offer a lightweight, low profile design, coming in at 4.8g per bud. Sony have included support for LDAC and also their automatic adaptive sound. With Bluetooth 5.2 and  IPX4 they seem a well rounded offering.

They have a stated battery life of 6 hours and additional 14 hours with the case, although there is no wireless charging support.

Sony have also made these with environmental concerns front and center as they are shipped in plastic free packaging and they have been constructed from recycled materials from the automotive industry.

Sony have launched the LinkBuds S in Black, White and Ecru for £180 or $200.

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