26 May, 2020

Sony ZV-1 is an entirely new genre of camera

Vlogging is one of the most popular uses for video cameras today. Sony has just announced a new camera designed specifically for the purpose. The new...

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25 May, 2020

Watch the stunning beauty of surfing, encapsulated at 1000fps

Replay: Whether you're a couch potato or an active lifestyler, I think we can all agree that surfing is cool. And it doesn't get much cooler looking...

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23 May, 2020

Rosco Mixbook - The lighting swatchbook reimagined

Review: As mixable LED lights have increased in popularity, so the humble lighting gel is being used less. The Mixbook is a digital solution to an...

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14 May, 2020

Why a smaller camera can add more production value

We all go crazy for big cinema cameras. But what happens when you want the same cinematic results with a small crew and equally small camera setup?...

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13 May, 2020

Colour Incorrection and mixing old light sources

When we discuss colour in filmmaking, we're usually interested being – well – correct. But we might also talk about the steel blue of night, an amber...

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12 May, 2020

The Rugged Camera Sling from Moment is designed for creatives on the go

Moment has decided to rethink the camera sling to offer a solution to both photographers and active video shooters.

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12 May, 2020

Atomos Introduces ProRes RAW Support for Z CAM

Atomos is expanding camera support for ProRes RAW over HDMI with the announcement of support for the Z CAM E2 (4K) cinema camera.  Recording to the...

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11 May, 2020

Aputure Releases Light Storm 60x and 60d

With the 300X out and the high-power 600D LED hard light presumably due soon, Aputure could hardly be accused of resting on its laurels.  Recent news...

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10 May, 2020

Compression is amazing but can it be broken

Video compression has evolved over the last 30 years to become a vital tool and an effective way of viewing content whether that’s at work, at home...

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7 May, 2020

Win a Canon EOS C200 (UK & Ireland only)

Be in with a chance to win a EOS C200 camera with a new competition from Canon.

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