17 October, 2020

Mobile photography is now just... photography

Apple’s recent iPhone 12 announcement placed a heavy focus on the device’s photographic capabilities, and it has re-emphasised that what you take...

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15 October, 2020

8K Over IP has been achieved with JPEG XS

JPEG-XS is set to revolutionise working with ultra-high resolution video. The SDK for it is now available.                                          ...

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14 October, 2020

iPhone 12 places photography and video at the forefront

Apple has debuted the iPhone 12, with the 5nm A14 bionic chip, new 5G capabilities, LIDAR, and a new body design amongst the many new additions.    ...

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13 October, 2020

AMD Zen3: Ryzen 5000 processors now unveiled

AMD continues to take a blow torch to its rivalry with Intel with the announcement of its Zen3 Ryzen 5000 processors, along with newly unveiled...

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12 October, 2020

Bored? Why not send your BMPCC and Atomos NinjaStar into space?

(Replay) The earliest space exploration was not done with the aid of rockets but weather balloons carrying instrument packages up high into and then...

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9 October, 2020

AI is revolutionising video codecs. Here's an impressive demonstration how

NVIDIA has released a demo of how it is using AI to revolutionise video conferencing. This is the future of video codecs. NVIDIA Maxine AI video...

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8 October, 2020

Should we enhance old films or leave them alone? (Opinion)

An interesting debate has begun about whether restoring old movies and enhancing them is respectful to history or not. Image: Guy Jones/Neural.Love.

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6 October, 2020

You really don't need cameras any more

The premise that the days of the video camera are numbered sounds outlandish, but it might be be quite as far-fetched as it seems.                  ...

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6 October, 2020

Where are the limits of development?

(Replay) This article is a few years old now, but the questions it asks are still relevant. All about development and whether, in the...

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2 October, 2020

This may be the weirdest video you have ever seen

(Replay) This is odd. Very odd. But there's a simple - well, quite complicated, actually - explanation.                                              ...

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