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10 February, 2020

iZotope's Dialogue Match is "almost like magic"

Review: Matching different sound sources and microphones used to be difficult. Until now.

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22 January, 2020

Powertraveller’s Condor 100 weatherproof power pack has power to spare

Review: Power on the move is becoming more essential as our devices struggle to keep up with the demands placed on them. The Condor 100 from...

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14 January, 2020

ioSafe Solo Hawk 1TB: This is the most extreme drive we've seen yet

Review: Harsh environments are risky for electronic equipment which includes storage media. Many vendors certify their portable drives for submersion...

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9 January, 2020

The DPA Microphones 4560 CORE Binaural Headset can produce astonishing results

If you need a microphone to record a soundscape that comes close to being in the environment in which the audio was recorded, you need some binaural...

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2 December, 2019

DPA 4560 CORE Binaural Headset makes immersive sound recording easy

Filmmakers who want to capture authentic immersive audio for their projects should take a good look at the new 4560 CORE Binaural Headset Microphone...

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28 November, 2019

The Loupedeck CT control surface has lots of potential

Review: Want a highly capable control surface that won't cost an arm and a leg? We take a look at Loupedeck's CT to see if it sounds too good to be...

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25 November, 2019

ScreenFlow 9 is now a fully fledged NLE

Review: ScreenFlow 9 was once a dedicated screen capture software. But with the release of version 9 it aims to fill a gap in the market for a...

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20 November, 2019

Plugable's Thunderbolt 3 SSD is astoundingly fast portable storage

We're always on the lookout for fast, portable storage, and this option from Plugable is one of the fastest we've tested.

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11 November, 2019

GoPro Telemetry Extractor lets you do cool stuff

Review: Telemetry data in cameras could be very useful indeed. Most cameras cannot record this data, but there's one that can, and this app allows...

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4 November, 2019

Caldigit's tough little SSD could be the perfect portable storage

Review: The Caldigit Tuff Nano is a tiny SSD that is designed to take everything the environment can throw at it. How does it perform in the real...

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