29 October, 2018

Nickelodeon turns the idea of a TV interview on its head

To promote one of its latest series, Nickelodeon has employed some clever technology using a combination of VR and mixed reality to allow journalists...

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10 October, 2018

The Oculus Quest might be the gaming console of the future, right now

Is Facebook’s new Oculus Quest VR headset a more powerful Oculus Go, a less powerful Rift, or something else entirely?

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27 September, 2018

RED & Facebook unveil the Manifold: is this the ultimate high-end VR camera?

The manifold keeps with the usual RED industrial design ethos As far as high end specs go, everyone else might struggle to beat the concept of 16 8K...

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20 September, 2018

VR is not dead, but it is just finding its feet

Reports of the death of VR may have been greatly exagerrated.

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17 September, 2018

This is a fascinating tour of the Space Shuttle in 8K VR

VR really comes into its own when it’s used to preserve moments in time in stunning, immersive detail.

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29 August, 2018

Google aims to transform VR with lightfield technology

An array of GoPro cameras used to capture a lightfield based VR environment While Lytro may be no more, lightfields are still a big, and very useful...

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15 August, 2018

How developers are making VR worlds bigger on the inside than they are on the outside

How developers are effectively making VR possible in small spaces. A bit like a virtual version of Doctor Who's TARDIS.

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14 August, 2018

The cutting edge of CGI is back with SIGGRAPH 2018

SIGGRAPH is upon us once more. Phil Rhodes takes a look back on its history and where things are heading in 2018.

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26 June, 2018

Smell could be the next big thing in VR!

Whether you thought 'Smell-O-Vision' was a good idea or not back in the 60's, Pixmax Technologies is bringing it to VR!

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18 June, 2018

We are a big step closer to sci-fi like floating video hologram displays

Floating holograms just like Star Wars really could be a reality very soon The cinema dream of the hologram promised in Star Wars, Iron Man, and...

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