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2 August, 2020

This is how the first DV cameras changed video production forever

The 1980s were the decade when video began to encroach on film – certainly for TV, if not for cinema. The 1990s was the decade when digital cameras...

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31 July, 2020

Why do we keep thinking in 35mm for focal lengths?

Replay: Do we really need to keep using 35mm as our baseline for focal lengths, or is there a much better way?

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26 July, 2020

Betacam changed the video world

Until the 1980's film ruled the roost for location television work, until Sony developed its soon to be ubiquitous Betacam format. Then everything...

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19 July, 2020

The Arriflex 35BL: In 1972 this camera transformed 35mm filmmaking

Replay: Roland Denning continues his look back at cameras that changed the filmmaking world. This time it's the turn of the seminal Arri 35BL.

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18 July, 2020

The Quantel name is legendary. This is its story, and ultimately what happened to it

The story of Quantel is a classic story of the rise and fall of a high-end manufacturer with a groundbreaking product based on very expensive,...

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16 July, 2020

Is colour grading essential? Perhaps we are too obsessed with it

The current consensus is that the best practice for shooting is to aim for the maximum options in post. So we shoot in log, or maybe RAW, to give us...

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12 July, 2020

Arriflex 16BL, Éclair NPR, and Aaton: These cameras changed the face of television production

16mm film cameras ushered in a new era of cinematography and use in television. Roland Denning examines the most influential cameras of this time,...

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5 July, 2020

The Arri 35II: the camera that defined a generation of film directors

Replay: The Arri 35 II was the camera that defined Kubrick, and that allowed a whole new wave of directors to create their visions with faster,...

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2 July, 2020

Bounced light produces amazing results, so why has it fallen out of fashion?

Replay: Bounced light used to be the favoured way of easily creating a large, diffuse light source. But this incredibly effective lighting technique...

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28 June, 2020

Could this be the most influential film camera ever designed?

Replay: Continuing our series on the most influential cameras ever made. We look back at the Mitchell BNC, which influenced filmmaking right up to...

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