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9 July, 2020

Old school Soviet-style lenses: great results, budget price

Replay: How can you get professional results on a kit lens budget? A visit to eBay and the Cold War can help.                                        ...

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16 October, 2017

DxOMark updates benchmarks for smartphone cameras

Find the perfect phone camera As smartphones get more powerful, their cameras become more capable. In response to this the benchmark company DxOMark...

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12 October, 2017

This is why you should have kept your film camera - Ektachrome film to make a comeback this fall

Out with the new, in with the old - the resurgence of stills film One of the quiet little revolutions going on in stills photography is the return to...

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10 October, 2017

Have a ton of batteries? Build your own gear charging station!

If only there was one charger for every type of battery. If you are always searching around looking for that elusive charger for a specific battery,...

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28 September, 2017

GoPro announces Hero 6 Black, imminent Fusion 360 release, and new features to Karma drone

The long awaited GoPro Hero 6 is finally here It's been eagerly awaited, but GoPro has now unveiled the latest in its Hero series of cameras, the...

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24 September, 2017

How to travel with your drone

Have drone, will travel If you’re travelling overseas, bringing along your drone can be a dicey affair. Sometimes, you may even have it confiscated,...

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21 August, 2017

Make your drone footage really fly

Sometimes your drone camera needs a helping hand Flying high. With the easy availablity of compact drones such as the DJI Phantom and GoPro Karma,...

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13 July, 2017

Micron discontinues Lexar media cards

You won't be seeing many of these in the future With Sandisk’s dominance in the media card category, it was only a matter of time before one of its...

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11 July, 2017

Extending GoPro timelapse with CamDo's Blink

CamDo's blink greatly extends the GoPro timelapse functionality, thought it's not exactly cheap RedShark Review: Designed to connect to the back of a...

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20 June, 2017

UHS-II SD cards: well worth the investment for shooting in 4K

UHS II: Bigger, better, faster, more If you’re planning to make the jump from 1080p to 4K, it’s important to remember that you’re going to be writing...

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