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10 November, 2018

Making a film is hard. Selling it is harder.

First-time filmmakers are elated when their film finally gets picked up for distribution. But the hardest work may be next. Preparing your film and...

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6 October, 2018

Does the average viewer really care about picture quality? [opinion]

The way that some people have their televisions set up could lead you to think that the cat might have a better idea of picture quality than its...

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22 August, 2018

Japan’s NHK to start broadcasting 8K by satellite this year

Japanese broadcaster NHK has confirmed its long-held plans to start 8K broadcasts by the end of this year by announcing a brand-new channel, BS8K,...

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21 August, 2018

The Piano was a triumph of sound design

As much as a film is intended to be viewed as a whole, inevitably there are performances, scenes, images, special or visual effects and lines that...

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17 August, 2018

Dell shows off its new laptop cinema experience features

Dell recently ran an event to show off its new Cinema features on its latest laptops. Roland Denning reports back on what he saw.

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17 August, 2018

Has TV-on-demand become too good? [opinion]

We've come from the dark old days in the UK of three channels and broadcasts being halted at 12am to the sound of the national anthem. But with...

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16 August, 2018

Watch the recording of RedShark Live with the EVA1 5.7K RAW and live switching with the Atomos Sumo

The 5th episode of RedShark Live has been unleashed to the world today (16th August). Check out the link below to watch it. 

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6 August, 2018

Has the cinema lost its magic?

Just what is going on with the modern cinema 'experience'?

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9 July, 2018

Can cinema ever compete with services like Netflix?

Cinema once offered the go-to experience for film viewers. Home viewing was simply not capable of matching the lure of the ultra-big screen. Today is...

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30 June, 2018

Cinerama: This is how the 1950's revolutionised the big screen experience

When it comes to immersive film experiences, there is no doubt that the bigger the screen, the better. Roland Denning takes a magical mystery tour...

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