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16 April, 2020

Can HP tempt you away from your MacBook Pro?

What is stylish, lightweight, powerful, and made for creators? HP’s new ENVY and ZBook systems. Here is a look at what’s coming from HP.

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28 January, 2020

The ZBook Studio x360 G5 is particularly attractive to creative professionals

Review: The ZBook Studio x360 looks like a typical, 15-inch mobile workstation from HP. Or so it appears until you start twisting. What are the...

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21 January, 2020

The HP DreamColor Z31x Studio: The perfect budget precision colour grading monitor?

Where can you get a 4096x2160 resolution, constant color calibration, and custom LUTs for a price that was unheard of in recent years? Perhaps you...

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12 November, 2019

Dell's pint sized workstation is more powerful than you might think

Review: Small is beautiful. We can say that about many things in life. Dell looks to put the beauty of a Precision workstation into an eight-litre...

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27 September, 2019

ASUS takes on the heavyweights with some killer workstations

Mobile or desktop, Asus is building some of the most powerful workstations on the market. It is hard to find a 4x GPU workstation or a 15” mobile...

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25 September, 2019

Dell is proving to be a great company for creative pros

Dell showed off some immensely powerful hardware at this year's IBC Show.

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23 September, 2019

This company has made remote workstations so responsive it's hard to believe they are in the 'cloud'

Dual-screen Premiere Pro editing and tablet virtualisation in Google Cloud? Yes, this is all possible thanks to a company called Teradici. 

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17 September, 2019

AMD dual Rome system is crushing world records at IBC

The Armari team in AMD’s booth is busy setting world records and then breaking them. Sounds like a fun weekend at IBC.

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16 September, 2019

HP shows off workstations & displays for editing, colour grading, and sfx

What hardware do you need for editing, color-grading, and special effects? HP thinks that it has the answer, and you can see it all at IBC2019.

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15 August, 2019

This might be the most powerful workstation you can buy

Review: The dual-processor HP Z8 supports up to 56 cores, Quadro RTX graphics, 3TB of RAM and loads of storage. But is this the right kind of power...

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