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11 February, 2020

Apple's 16-inch MacBook Pro has some serious horsepower

Review: Creatives in all fields are the target market for Apple's MacBook Pro product line. Apple introduced the 16-inch model to replace its 15-inch...

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19 January, 2020

Review: The DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard really enhances speed and cut flow

Replay: Blackmagic Design doubled-down on advanced editing features in 2019 by introducing a new editing mode to DaVinci Resolve 16 called the cut...

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2 April, 2019

Should you buy your editing computer from a big name or a knowledgeable specialist company?

Why would an editor, colorist, or animator purchase a workstation from a custom PC builder, instead of one of the brand name manufacturers?

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1 March, 2019

Review: Blackmagic Design eGPU Pro - How much faster will your Mac go?

Your Mac will be much faster with an eGPU. How much faster? Read our review of the Blackmagic Design eGPU Pro to find out!

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29 January, 2019

Review: The Mac Mini's grown up. It's now an entry-level workstation

Is Apple's new Mac mini the mini marvel you've been waiting for?

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27 November, 2018

If you don't want to use mainstream software, what are the best alternatives?

Here's our rundown of the best 'alternative' software for every type of media use.

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13 November, 2018

Edit suites have evolved in a way that would be unrecognisable only a decade ago

Thankfully edit suites no longer look like this! The way we set up and use edit suites has changed hugely over the years, even compared to just over...

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10 November, 2018

Making a film is hard. Selling it is harder.

First-time filmmakers are elated when their film finally gets picked up for distribution. But the hardest work may be next. Preparing your film and...

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14 September, 2018

Need to create effects In FCP X as easily as a painting app? CoreMelt's PaintX could be your answer

CoreMelt's new PaintX plugin allows FCP X users to paint directly onto their videos and have the effects accurately tracked, making some incredibly...

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3 September, 2018

Frame.io releases inspiring tips and advice videos from its talented professional users

Frame.io is now one of the most popular video collaboration and review sites. With its stylish new Masters short film series, the company is...

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