7 May, 2020

The state of cinema production

It’s difficult to meaningfully sum up the progress of the coronavirus pandemic.  Some jurisdictions are beginning to wind down restrictions others...

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29 April, 2020

The origins of colour grading

Since most of us are isolated at home at the moment, you might be considering some serious grading or re-grading of stuff from the deepest recesses...

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21 April, 2020

Hands on with the S1H and ProRes RAW!

Video: We caught up with Panasonic ambassador Daimon Xanthopoulos to check out the benefits of the new S1H ProRes RAW update and why it is his...

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29 June, 2019

Soundtrack focus: Audio is the subject and star of Berberian Sound Studio

The blurred line between reality and pretence - and the part sound plays in the misdirection - is at the heart of Peter Strickland's stylish,...

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19 October, 2018

Five ways that analogue photography can make you a much better DP

If you want to improve your eye for composition and lighting, there is no better way than to give up your digital gadgets and to go back to analogue...

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