This is one of the most complex and impressive Steadicam shots we've ever seen

Written by Simon Wyndham

In the world of filmmaking there are numerous examples of amazing Steadicam shots, but this one from 9 Pandas is absolutely stunning.                                                                  

Image: 9Pandas.
Image: 9 Pandas.

First, the shot.

The shot in question is an advert for a bookmakers company by agency 9 Pandas. Now aside from any potential snarky comments about how such a company affords to make something like this, the skill and creativity used to produce it are undeniable.

The advert utilises some absolutely incredible set manipulations and transitions to follow the actor from location to location. When watching the piece it is hard to imagine all of the crew synchronisation required to move the sets around with perfect timing. Not to mention the fact that many of those backgrounds are green screened in, which would have required individual lighting considerations on top of the lighting changes from location to location.

Luckily for us 9Pandas has produced a BTS video showing how it was done, in realtime, alongside the finished spot. It is certainly in the upper echelon of technical achievements we have seen, and the planning it must have taken would have been immense.

The Steadicam operating is flawless, and no doubt the focus puller was having their work cut out as well. What's also extremely interesting is the number of elements that are CGI enhanced, yet look completely real. But enough words, enjoy the BTS video below!

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