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Welcome to Cinematography Month at RedShark

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April is Cinematography Month at RedShark, so prepare for a whole raft of tips, tricks, and interviews from one of the most exciting fields to be in right now!

March saw the introduction of themed months for RedShark, where we focus on a particular field and bring you in-depth content and insight from leading players in the industry. Last month saw us cover live production, and we'd like to thank our amazing sponsors, Blackmagic Design and Teradek, for their enormous support throughout. If you'd like to read some of the focussed content we produced, we have a dedicated Live Production page here.

April sees Cinematography take the limelight. It's a vast subject, encompassing all manner of different disciplines and technologies. Right now, with the increase in remote production and virtual sets, there's also a large amount of crossover into different fields.

We're proud to announce that Cinematography Month will be supported by two fantastic sponsors, CVP and SmallHD, and we'll be bringing you more in-depth content on the subjects you love. From the high end to those entering the industry, there'll be something for everyone.




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