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7 October, 2020

5 tips for implementing safe and efficient on-set and remote workflows [sponsored by AJA]

COVID-19 has meant a fundamental rethink about how we approach production. Here are some important tips on how to utilise technology to make the...

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6 October, 2020

CreatorVault - Professionally curated stock assets for video creators (Sponsored)

CreatorVault by ActionVFX brings the best curated stock elements to your disposal.

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2 October, 2020

The Canon C500 Mark II is the perfect camera for almost every filming scenario (Sponsored)

Having a camera that can be adapted to almost any circumstance and excel has been a dream for users for a very long time. Is it even possible that a...

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16 September, 2020

Panasonic LUMIX S5: The power of cinema, in your travel bag [Sponsored]

The Panasonic LUMIX S5 gives you creative potential that is only limited by your imagination.                                                     The...

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27 July, 2020

LaCie 1big Dock SSD Pro and 1big Dock: Your storage media is now an important connectivity hub [Sponsored]

When is storage not simply storage? Today’s storage is now becoming a highly important connectivity hub to help speed up your workflows. The LaCie...

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15 July, 2020

Why working for free is a bad idea

RedShark Replay: Been asked to provide your services for free lately? Andrew Johnstone on the insidious nature of The Culture of Free. Don't work for...

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10 July, 2020

VCA Faders: One simple thing that can make your audio mixing much easier

Replay: If you often end up with layer upon layer of audio, how do you make easy sense of it when it comes to mixing? Tim Dunphy takes us through the...

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2 July, 2020

Create on brand promo imagery in no time using Adobe Stock [sponsored]

Tutorial: Learn how to combine Adobe Illustrator and Dimension to produce on-brand 3D rendered images.

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25 June, 2020

Matching stock to your brand is easy with Adobe [Sponsored]

Stock imagery is about far more than just photography assets. In this in-depth tutorial we show you how you can utilize the versatility and power of...

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10 June, 2020

Why many studios and broadcasters are banning FTP from their supply chain [sponsored]

FTP has always been a potential security risk but in recent years the Media & Entertainment industry has been hacked again and again. Here's an...

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