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19 March, 2020

2020 iPad Pro announced: It's a glimpse of the future

Apple's re-imagining of what it thinks a computer should be continues with the just announced 2020 iPad Pro.

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18 March, 2020

Is your company prepared to work remotely? [sponsored]

M&E organizations have unique requirements that should not be ignored even in the wake of crisis

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10 March, 2020

Is watching movies 'green'?

Server farms are projected to emit 11% of the world's greenhouse gasses by 2030 With the data industry projected to rival the airline industry for...

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5 March, 2020

If Google can't make a success of VR, who can?

A sobering development in the world of VR content consumption: Google's wonderfully accessible Cardboard platform has been declared EOL by its...

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20 February, 2020

From filming to finishing; How a major music concert edit was completed entirely within DaVinci Resolve

Filmmaker and director James Tonkin shares learnings from his recent experience shooting and editing a concert and documentary for Pink Floyd...

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6 February, 2020

Making Waves: A documentary that gives cinematic sound the attention it deserves

There are many things in life that people don't immediately register unless something is particularly good or particularly bad. Food is one. Most of...

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3 February, 2020

MicroLEDs are the ultimate display solution

In Part 1 of the Next Generation TV Technologies in Full View at CES 2020 article, we profiled the status of miniLED TVs and dual-cell TVs as...

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31 January, 2020

16" Macbook Pro and a 17" 4K Gigabyte AERO laptop: real-world comparison [sponsored]

Gigabyte Aero 17 Brett Danton has been capturing visual stories about some of the world’s most iconic brands for more than 20 years. Working...

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28 January, 2020

These are the next generation TV technologies you'll be able to buy very soon

The 8K TCL miniLED based television will be available later in 2020 The drive for 8K continues unabated, but these new technologies offer a lot more...

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27 January, 2020

AR and AR HMDs continue to improve, despite apparent indifference from the mass market

AR and VR were pretty big this year at CES. Here's our look at two of the most promising new headsets that were on show, and what they mean for the...

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