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30 September, 2020

Filmmaking podcasts: Here's 8 of our favourites

Whatever you’re into, there’s a podcast for it. Filmmaking is no exception. Josh Edwards cuts through the noise and gives you his top eight...

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7 August, 2020

You really, really can't believe your eyes. Here's the proof

Replay: The filters you put in front of a camera, or which you use in your NLE are important enough. But none of them is as powerful as what you can...

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28 May, 2020

You can now appear in a football stadium from your own home

Conferencing technology will allow fans to both watch the football, and appear as fans in the stadium.  It might look odd, but you are going to have...

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4 May, 2020

Alteons Production Ecosystem plans to change Payments for Filmmakers

Many freelancers and indie filmmakers will know the pain of how difficult it can be not knowing when payment will be made for the work they’ve...

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13 March, 2020

Dolby Vision IQ, a new take on an old feature?

Auto brightness adjustments on televisions are nothing new, but Dolby's Vision IQ is an attempt to make HDR viewing more viable in a wider variety of...

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10 March, 2020

Is watching movies 'green'?

Server farms are projected to emit 11% of the world's greenhouse gasses by 2030 With the data industry projected to rival the airline industry for...

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5 March, 2020

There's no excuse for bad frame rate conversion now. So why do we keep seeing it? [opinion]

What’s wrong with this picture? The move to predominantly watching TV via streaming services has meant the emergeance of new problems. And not all of...

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15 January, 2020

We are in a constant state of technological transformation, and development is only getting faster

The change from sending riders on horse back to communicating instantly across the world was transformative. Back then the communications...

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15 December, 2019

How we're producing video in better-than-ever quality - and then just throwing it away

Video quality: Throwing it all away Replay: Why do we even bother shooting high quality footage when satellite and terrestrial broadcast compression...

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3 December, 2019

This is how really big video walls were made in the 1980's

Let’s start with a puzzle: is there any technology available that emits blue light and can be switched on and off really fast, without the filament...

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