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Sony's S35 HDC F5500 camera is now available in Europe

Sony's HDC F5500. Image: Sony.
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Sony's HDC F5500. Image: Sony.

The HDC F5500 was announced late last year, and whilst it has been available to US customers, it is now ready for European consumption.

The HDC F5500 is an unusual beast amongst live production cameras, but one that provides an increasingly in-demand aesthetic. The demand for a more 'cinematic' style of image for live production is growing, and Sony's camera meets that demand, providing 4K HDR imagery via a S35 sized global shutter sensor.

It features a motorised 8-step ND filter wheel, which has been adopted from VENICE, and can be controlled remotely. There's also support for BT.2020, S-Gamut3/S-Gamut3.cine and HLG. It is also fully ready for remote production when used with the IP extension adaptor HDCE-TX50.

Currently the first commercial use of the camera will be during the Montreux Jazz Festival this July in Switzerland.

For more information, visit Sony's website.

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