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Matrox Video showcases latest cutting-edge innovations

Angus showcasing the latest IP systems
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Angus showcasing the latest IP systems

Angus Mackay, Product Marketing Manager at Matrox Video, shares exciting updates from the forefront of video technology recorded on the NAB 2024 show floor.

Leading the charge is the latest iteration of Monarch EDGE, equipped with enhanced features and HDR support tailored to streamline contribution workflows. In Angus's words, Monarch EDGE emerges as a versatile production encoder, offering flexibility to meet the demands of modern content creation. The latest version features new capabilities, coupled with support for various IP formats, making it an ideal solution for broadcasters and content creators alike.

Angus showcases next its converter system that integrates different IP formats to facilitate streamlined workflows. Moreover, the daisy chain capabilities showcased during monitoring show how the system can easily improve operational efficiency. With the ability to control operating systems remotely, operators can power Matrox Video's solutions from anywhere. The flexibility to switch between operating systems and customize resolutions up to 8K makes content creation easy for more specific applications.

Lastly, Angus introduces MATROX ORIGIN, a live production framework designed to empower developers and broadcasters to deliver Tier 1 broadcasting experiences in the cloud. This powerful tool offers scalability and flexibility to meet the evolving needs of the industry.


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