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30 July, 2020

For all film makers: How to avoid losing your stuff and where to put it

Replay: The technological revolution has created great opportunities for new film-makers everywhere, but has in its wake created a new challenge:...

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6 July, 2020

3 ways to help if you have to use a different NLE

RedShark Replay: These days, editors may often find themselves having to work on different NLEs for different projects. Switching can be a difficult...

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17 March, 2019

Data Bending: Creating Unique Digital Visual Effects

Data Bending Here's another chance to read Peter Haas' article on how by doing despicable things to your video data, you can get wonderful results!

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10 March, 2019

How To Edit. Part 1: Preparation

Editing RedShark Replay: Here's another chance to read part one of our major guide to editing from start to finish, containing all the practical...

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24 February, 2019

How to Edit - Part 3: The Edit Itself

How to edit part 3 RedShark Replay: Part three of our series on How to Edit gets to the heart of the matter and looks at how to approach the edit...

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24 February, 2019

How to Edit - Part 2: Ingest & Assemble

How to edit part 2 RedShark Replay: Part two of our comprehensive guide to editing looks at bringing your material into the NLE.

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17 February, 2019

The art of editing: Five tips to improve your editing performance

The art of editing RedShark Replay: With interest in all things editing at a high on the RedShark site, here's another chance to read Peter Hass'...

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26 September, 2017

Managing chaos in the Editing Room

Managing multiple collaborators on an edit can be tricky Too many cooks spoiling the broth. A complex edit can be a handful enough on its own, but...

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5 September, 2017

How to build a portable editing system

There are times when working in an office with the latest hardware isn't an option. It could be that you're being brought out to the field so you can...

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30 August, 2017

How to get comfortable in the Editing Room

Anyone who has spent time in the editing room can quickly identify the hallmarks of the stereotypical post-production environment: a small, dark,...

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