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CBS Radio and Adorama Premiere 'Adorama Live Theatre'

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Adorama / RedShark NewsAdorama Live Theatre

Electronics giant Adorama has teamed up with CBS Radio to offer a new, premiere audio-centric live performance and event space in New York. And it rocks.

This past November, New York's much loved electronics store, Adorama, teamed up with CBS radio to sponsor a multi-function live event space. Here's how Marc Rayfield, Senior Vice President and Market Manager of CBS Radio New York, described the venture:

"CBS RADIO New York's Adorama Live Theatre provides our stations a unique destination where we can interact with listeners in an intimate environment at exclusive one-of-a-kind events. We are delighted to partner with a quintessential New York retailer like Adorama whose customer base is the same as ours, New Yorkers."

While not a professional audio mixer, I am a shameless audiophile and, as a professional editor and filmmaker, I understand the importance of good sound and the effect it has over an audience. I was excited to see what the Adorama Live Theatre had to offer while attending a pre-NAMM product demo.

First Impressions

Pressing my way into the ALT for the first time, I was struck by the two things. For an event space, the room is aesthetically pleasing. The Adorama Live Theatre adds some style by accenting the room with murals of the Hudson Street subway station, giving the theatre a unique New York flair, which accommodates the professional rigging and lighting grids and collection of video screens.

After a moment, it struck me just how quiet the room is. Dead quiet. New York is a noisy place. Even when nestled inside the gullet of a behemoth office building, one is always besieged by an endless stream of street noise, sirens, HVAC systems. Not here. This room is the sort of dead room every musician and mixer in the city dreams of working in.

I got a taste of the live performance capabilities, including a sneak peak at the amazing Korg Minilogue. You hear everything and it's amazing. The sound in this room is crisp, full and balanced, while the fidelity is out of this world. At the risk of flying the audio-nerd flag too high, I wish I had brought something from my Deutsche Grammophon collection, because this is the type of room that music was designed to be played in.

A venue this detailed is typically built for a large stadium audience, but the Adorama Live Theatre, while spacious, holds what I'd refer to as an intimate number of people. This plays well to the goal of making the venue an interactive event space.

As someone who spends a good deal of time at product launches and press releases, the Adorama Live Theatre stood out as an impressive venue designed by people who are incredibly passionate about audio. As an audiophile, I can't wait to go back!

Check out the full press release for the Adoama Live Theatre on Page Two!

Press Release: Adorama Live Theatre

Adorama, one of the world's largest photography, video, audio, imaging and electronics retailers, announced today it is the official sponsor of CBS RADIO New York's new live performance space, aptly named the Adorama Live Theatre.

About the Adorama Live Theatre
Based at CBS RADIO's broadcast facility in Hudson Square, Manhattan, where some of the company's most popular stations are broadcast, including 92.3 AMP RADIO, WCBS-FM, Fresh 102.7, WCBS NEWSRADIO 880, 1010WINS and WFAN Sports Radio 66 AND 101.9FM, the Adorama Live Theatre is a creative studio and event space unlike any other that will allow the stations to present intimate live events for their audience, and enable pro audio manufacturers and end users to connect and come together in a real world scenario. The Adorama Live Theatre will give professionals a chance to see the best professional audio gear in action at live events and performances.

"The Adorama Live Theatre is an incredible opportunity for us to connect with both pro audio manufacturers and end users," says Barry Litwin, CEO, Adorama. "It also enables us to provide an outstanding service to our partner vendors, connecting them directly to their customers by showcasing top-of-the-line gear in real world workflows. We're committed to offering not only the best equipment the pro audio market has to offer, but also to providing professionals with the expertise they need to make smart purchasing decisions, and we're confident that the Adorama Live Theatre will be the perfect platform to execute, achieve and exceed those goals."

"CBS RADIO is known for its superior broadcast quality, with diverse station offerings and engaging content, be it music, sports, breaking news or commentary on current events," states Ahron Schachter, director of strategic planning at Adorama. "Partnering with CBS RADIO New York on their new live performance center means providing the very best the audio gear industry has to offer. Working with the audio experts at Adorama, equipment featured in the Adorama Live Theatre has been hand-selected by the CBS RADIO New York engineering staff. We're looking forward to working with the industry's top vendors and providing a truly unique experience for professionals in this market."

Audio manufacturers and professionals who visit the Adorama Live Theatre can see live demonstrations of end-to-end audio workflows. Inside the studio, professionals can see the tools at work during exclusive events featuring celebrities, political figures, musicians, DJs and more to discover the newest equipment on the market and the best solutions for their own audio needs.

Additionally, Adorama will be partnering with audio vendors to bring the very latest gear directly to the professionals, hosting events in line with exciting new product announcements and workshops with Adorama and CBS RADIO audio professionals, as well as providing a platform for vendors to showcase groundbreaking new products.

Modeled after CBS RADIO's successful sound stages based in L.A., Chicago and Washington D.C., among others, the Adorama Live Theatre brings a brand new element to the event space, spotlighting the industry's best in one location, for professionals to come and see. All professional gear featured on the Adorama Live Theatre is available for purchase at Adorama.com or at Adorama's superstore, located at 42 West 18th Street in New York City.

Adorama Rental Co.: The Official Rental House for the Adorama Live Theatre
Adorama Rental Co. (ARC) is the exclusive rental house for all studio events for Adorama and CBS RADIO New York. For more information on ARC's audio equipment, please visit: http://www.adoramarentals.com/catlist/audio/65.html?utm_source=CBS-Adorama-Live-Theatre&utm_medium=press-release.

About CBS RADIO New York
CBS RADIO is one of the largest major-market operators in the United States.  A division of CBS Corporation, CBS RADIO operates WBMP-FM, WCBS-FM, WCBS-AM, WFAN-AM/FM, WINS-AM and WWFS-FM in New York. For more information on CBS RADIO, please visit www.cbsradio.com.

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