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Cine Gear 2015: Digital Bolex Accessories and Film Distribution Plans

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Digital Bolex / RedShark NewsDigital Bolex @ Cine Gear 2015

Digital Bolex is using the occasion of Cine Gear 2015 to announce new accessories and an innovative plan to distribute films shot on the D16.

Digital Bolex dropped some big announcements at this year's Cine Gear, including a new line of accessories for the D16 digital cinema camera and a new alliance with SimpleDCP to line up distribution for filmmakers using Digital Bolex cameras.

First, the team announced that a number of their products are on sale through 6/8 and a number of items such as the Kish Lenses and the Micro Four-Thirds mount are ready to ship.

Reflecting Monitor Hood


To improve the usability of the on-camera LCD in bright sunlight, the fitted reflecting monitor hood shades the monitor while providing a 90-degree viewing angle. The hood can be used alongside other accessories, such as the Wooden Camera Cheeseplate.


Weather Skin


To help prevent dust, sand, water and humidity from reaching the inside of your camera, the Bolex Team has released a rubber case to "weatherize" the D16. The fitted skin covers the body and protects all of the camera's ports.

Hot Rod Cameras D16 Cheeseplate


The new cheeseplate is designed to compliment the D16 that sports the Wooden Camera PL mount.

Leather Lens Case


Keeping in line with its vintage motif, Digital Bolex now offers a leather lens case large enough to hold around three lens, including the official Bolex Branded Kish Lenses.  The lens case is designed to fit into the Bolex satchel and backpack.  

D16 Film Distribution

The biggest announcement is a boon to both Digital Bolex users and the independent cinema community.  Digital Bolex has announced a plan to provide a path to distribution for projects shot on the D16.

"We want our users to know that when they commit to Digital Bolex, they are joining a community of like-minded filmmakers who are eager to develop a sustainable middle-class of filmmaker, and that we as a company are committed to seeing our users realize their creative visions. As a company by filmmakers for filmmakers, helping our users reach the critical milestone of distribution is a natural progression of our company’s goals.

"As of June 2015, Digital Bolex is happy to announce that we will be the first camera manufacturer to provide a pathway to theatrical and VOD distribution to filmmakers shooting projects with the cameras.

"In the first of a series of groundbreaking partnerships to be announced this month, Digital Bolex is proud to be teaming up with LA-based Simple DCP to provide discounted DCP services to films with a "Shot on Bolex" logo in their credits. Filmmakers shooting on Digital Bolex cameras will receive a 5% discount."

This is good news for D16 filmmakers. In a world of ever increasingly competitive digital distribution for indies and illicit internet distribution, a partnership that is willing to throw its weight behind accessible cine distribution could possibly be the cornerstone to radically changing the playing field for truly independent cinema.

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