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2 August, 2018

A cult classic lens: The Helios 44-2 58mm is full of character

It has built up a cult following due to its highly unique characteristics and the ease at which it can be bought for such a low price. What makes the...

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1 August, 2018

How to shoot anamorphic without breaking the bank

This is an anamorphic lens from Arri. It costs a lot of money. What do you do if you don't have that money and want to shoot anamorphic? We take a...

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24 April, 2018

Are some vintage lenses a risk to health?

With the increasing popularity of vintage lenses and glass with exotic coatings, comes a key question, what are these lens coatings made out of and...

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23 March, 2018

Why multicam is possibly the best way to shoot drama

Single camera shooting is often a standard way of shooting drama, but multicam setups are becoming increasingly more used for both television and...

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20 March, 2018

Your lens choice is as important as an artists choice of brush

Demand for vintage lenses is great, as the re-housing of the Canon K35 series by TLS attests Cinematographers will often have a favourite lens or set...

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21 February, 2018

Will VR affect the fate of the world?

Technological convergeance with the real world has been the subject of many a science fiction film. But how close are we to this becoming a reality....

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17 October, 2017

The remarkable robots that are transforming filmmaking

We are increasingly reliant on robotics to get the shots we want The rise of the robots. How advancements in robotic stabilisation are already...

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10 October, 2017

In the future you may be able to print your own camera

One day, will we need camera manufacturers at all? Technology has always been an enabler. With more power to prototype and manufacture being placed...

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6 October, 2017

The return of vintage lenses and uncoated optics

Flaring is all the rage - that uncoated lens look  The cinematic experience is built upon emotion. And while the desire for technical perfection from...

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23 August, 2017

How post production keeps up with the pace of technology

Keeping the post production workflow smooth in the modern post production world. Ever increasing resolutions and complexity introduced by new...

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