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Learn Best Practices for Remote Production with Industry Experts [Sponsored]

The Remote Production Conference 2021.
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The Remote Production Conference 2021.

Remote production, and at-home production, are growing trends in the broadcast industry. With the increasing need for remote work solutions, Future Media Conferences teamed up with NAB Show and Adobe to gather the industry’s leading professionals to design a live, online training conference that focuses on providing quality training and resources for film, television, and video professionals.

“Conditions in the past year have elevated the need for remote production tools and workflows. No doubt, these practices are here to stay as they represent significant cost changes to any size production,” said Ben Kozuch, ​of Future Media Conferences. “While ample hardware and software has been introduced by different vendors, workflow standards are embryonic and unestablished yet. The goal in this conference is to explore all available tools for remote production and to benchmark best practices.”

The ​Remote Production Conference consists of a multi-day training program​ with sessions focusing on​ wireless solutions on production sets, remote editing solutions, overview of live streaming platforms​, and remote collaboration tools and workflows. These sessions are led by working professionals who successfully adjusted to a remote working environment. Real-life experiences will be shared along with the benefits and challenges of working with a team remotely.

The speaker line-up includes program manager, writer and producer, ​Gary Adcock​, content director, ​Valentina Vee​, ​award-winning broadcast television director, ​Mitch Jacobson​, and award-winning director and producer, ​Amy DeLouise​. The ​Adobe Team​ will also host a variety of sessions to show attendees the full scope of remote work solutions within Adobe Creative Cloud.

In addition to technical training sessions, attendees will have the opportunity to attend various virtual networking rooms, a virtual expo, and access the ​keynote led by the co-editors of ​Amazon Prime's ​Yearly Departed​, ​Giselle Murillo (Modern Family, New Girl) and Kelly Lyon (Saturday Night Live, John Mulaney Kid Gorgeous Live at Radio City, Portlandia). After a year of societal upheaval, plague, murder hornets and banana bread, Yearly Departed gives 2020 the huge send-off it deserves, from​ ​7 of the world’s funniest women, who were each filmed separately​. Learn how they cut ​Amazon Prime's ​Yearly Departed​ while working remotely during the pandemic ​with a post team, director and producers scattered across the country.

Registration is available for only $199 which includes access to all online sessions, plus access to stream the sessions recordings for 90 days post-event.

For more information, visit ​the official Remote Production Conference website.

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