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31 May, 2020

Can you shoot a documentary film entirely on a wide angle lens?

Replay: Is DJI's OSMO the best solution for documentary shooting in remote locations? Craig Marshall reflects on his experiences during a shoot in...

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7 February, 2020

How to build a fast and affordable RAID array on a budget

  Building an effective RAID array needn't break the bank   Replay: Ultra high resolution video puts a huge strain on storage resources, particularly...

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5 November, 2019

Zeiss ‘Contax’ Sonnar 180mm f/2.8, a fast, heavyweight quality prime lens

We continue our series about classic Zeiss stills lenses for video. This time it's the turn of the Zeiss ‘Contax’ Sonnar 180mm f/2.8.

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26 October, 2019

Zeiss ‘Contax’ Planar 50mm f/1.7, a fast, lightweight & low cost, quality prime lens

Craig Marshall continues his series on classic Contax stills lenses that make for great video on modern cameras. This time it's the turn of the Zeiss...

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21 October, 2019

This is one of the most overlooked classic zooms on the used market

In the continuation of our series on the classic Carl Zeiss Contax lenses for video, we look at the venerable Vario-Sonnar 80-200mm f/4.0, and often...

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15 October, 2019

This is a classic lens that should be in everyone's collection

The classic Carl Zeiss Contax lenses make for excellent glass on modern cameras. Craig Marshall evaluates the Vario-Sonnar 35-70mm f/3.4, a lens so...

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9 October, 2019

Classic stills glass is still relevant to digital video. This is why

Vintage glass is most definitely in vogue with classic cinema glass being rehoused in modern lens enclosures. But does vintage stills glass hold the...

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3 March, 2019

Opinion: Challenging "traditional" assumptions about cameras, lenses, recorders, dynamic range, etc

Replay: Craig Marshall offers his insights after two weeks shooting in Japan using his extremely portable home-brew set-up.

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9 February, 2019

Using a Sony A7S for a feature: What it really takes to get your Indie film into a cinema

Benjamin Gilmore is a Sydney based Paramedic who makes feature films in his spare time. After some moderate success on the Festival Circuit with his...

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11 November, 2018

In Pursuit Of Excellence: The RØDE Microphone Story

Rode quality control Replay: This is one of our older articles, so some info may be dated. However it offers a fascinating insight into the company....

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