15 August, 2019

This might be the most powerful workstation you can buy

Review: The dual-processor HP Z8 supports up to 56 cores, Quadro RTX graphics, 3TB of RAM and loads of storage. But is this the right kind of power...

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3 May, 2018

How to flawlessly synch audio with the NanoLockit from Ambient

Synching audio in post can be difficult if not done correctly. The NanoLockit is a micro solution to the issues, and in this weeks video Bas Goossens...

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13 February, 2018

How to mould natural light to get the most beautiful shots

Controlling natural light is one of the hardest aspects of film lighting Natural light with its infinite variations can be one of the hardest things...

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3 February, 2018

6 ways to judge exposure - part 2

In the concluding part of Neil Oseman's series on methods for judging exposure, he takes a look at using camera itself as an exposure tool.

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18 January, 2018

How to turn your timelapse into a masterpiece

LRTimelapse provides some powerful tools to work with timelapse images In our latest mini tutorial video, Simon Chmiewliski from Onbrand Films shows...

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15 January, 2018

6 ways to judge exposure - part 1

A light meter is still one of the most important tools for exposure you use Exposing the image correctly is one of the most important parts of a...

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11 January, 2018

How to set up the Syrp Genie and Genie Mini [video]

How to set up the Genie and Genie Mini in a matter of seconds... We're kicking off a new series of mini video tutorials with this one on how to set...

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15 December, 2017

How to get the best from low bitrate cameras

How can we ensure the most robust image from low bitrate cameras? Sometimes we might have to shoot using a less than ideal camera, or circumstances...

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15 December, 2017

The essentials of controlling your exposure part 1: aperture

Aperture, the primary control of exposure In this new four part series of tutorials, Neil Oseman teaches us the nuances of exposing our images in all...

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26 July, 2017

Essential Flame Episode four: Batch and Rendering

This episode: This exclusive tutorial will guide you through the basics of Flame VFX software. Flame is incredibly powerful and there’s very little...

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