Introducing you to the Essential Flame series

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RedShark NewsWhatever platform you're working on, our tutorials will help you get your Flame on

Flame is an incredibly powerful cornerstone of the post production industry. It’s evolved into a modern, efficient and effective application that can shine brilliance onto almost any project. And we've got a series of tutorials to help you unlock its power

Like any advanced technology, Flame has a learning curve. It has its own conventions and its own culture.

Autodesk, has introduced a new subscription program that makes Flame more affordable for freelancers and smaller facilities. It’s also provided a free time-limited download so that you can learn or try out Flame for yourself.

We’ve been working with Autodesk to create a short series of tutorials that will help you get started with Flame. Our Demo Artist, Darren Mostyn, of Online Creative has worked in Post for decades, but was new to Flame until very recently. So, he’s used his experience of learning Flame to help you to get to know it quickly and painlessly.

We’ve covered everything from getting to know the user interface to “round-tripping” with DaVinci Resolve. Keep an eye on over the coming weeks for the remaining episodes or sign up to our newsletters (right-hand side of our homepage) to receive updates on upcoming episodes.

The list of topics is as follows:

  • Essential Flame Episode 1: User and project settings
  • Essential Flame Episode 2: Media Panel
  • Essential Flame Episode 3:Conform and DaVinci Resolve
  • Essential Flame Episode 4: Batch and Render

You can watch the first episode below. To download your free trial to subscribe to Flame click here.


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