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How to make expensive-looking sci-fi. New course by HaZ Dulull on Vimeo

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HaZ DulullScence Fiction Tutorials

Fancy making a glossy-looking science fiction film? Or are you just curious about how they're made? Either way, it's a fascinating story

 If you're like me and you love science fiction, you'll be excited about the facts that making a Sci-Fi film these days is almost like science ficiton iteself. We're living in a golden age for film production where almost anything you can imagine can be recreated in vivid, lifelike quality, for suprisingly little money. 

But how's it done? That's the tricky bit. You have to learn, mostly by experience. But if you're starting out, there's no better way than to be taught by a master of the craft. 

HaZ Dulull is a superb visual effects maestro and film director. He creates luscious, hyper-real worlds that are completely believable. He's launching a video course for aspiring filmmakers - and people like me, who just want to know how it's all done. 

And it's at a really low price, too. Worth every scintila of expenditure. Highly recommended.


You can sign up here, and here's the trailer. 


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