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Essential Flame episode two: the Media Panel

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RedShark NewsUnderstand the way Flame's interface elements work with each other in the second of our Flame tutorials

This exclusive tutorial will guide you through the basics of Flame VFX software. Flame is incredibly powerful and there’s very little that you can’t do with it even at the highest level. So, inevitably, it can seem complicated at first.

Darren Mostyn, a Brighton, UK based Post Production facility owner, was until recently completely new to Flame, but he’s now learned his way around the software, and while that process was fresh in his mind, he made four videos to help beginners get to grips with Flame basics without the steep learning curve. 

In this second video, Darren explains the fundamentals of Flame’s interface. The software is capable of so much that it’s essential to grasp these basic interface elements. Darren shows how Clips, Sequences, the Timeline, Desktops, Batch Reels and Libraries relate to each other.

Don’t forget there’s a special free trial offer so that when you’ve watched the videos, you can try Flame for yourself. You can find it here.

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