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19 September, 2020

How do you continue making popular TV series during a pandemic?

Productions are starting up again, and a recent ScreenSkills seminar revealed how two high-end series have been tackling the task of making TV during...

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12 September, 2020

Jurassic Park is 27 years old, here's a detailed look back at how an adventure classic was made

It's amazing to think that Jurassic Park is 27 years old, with CGI that still holds up better than many recent films. Neil Oseman takes a look back...

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1 September, 2020

If you want to be more cinematic, you should shoot taller, not wider

Replay: For decades the idea that the wider the aspect ratio, the more cinematic a film will look. But this entire notion has been turned on its head...

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28 August, 2020

Cinemas are reopening. What's it like going to the movies in a pandemic?

Cinemas are facing an existential crisis. While many are opening up again we discover it may be a long time before normality resumes. Going to cinema...

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5 August, 2020

Chernobyl claims well deserved wins at the Virgin Media British Academy Television Awards

Chernobyl, the HBO/Sky Atlantic mini-series about the nuclear power plant disaster, scooped multiple honours at the recent Virgin Media British...

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28 July, 2020

Here is everything you need to know about dynamic range in one video

Replay: Filmmaker IQ has released a new video which drills deep into the science and practicalities of dynamic range. Image: Shutterstock.

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22 July, 2020

Black & white television is still holding on by the skin of its teeth

Replay: Incredibly over 7000 households in the UK still hold black & white only television licenses.                                                ...

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13 July, 2020

How can cinematographers keep control of the look of their films?

Replay: Can DOPs maintain control over the final look of the films that they work on in a world where so much emphasis is placed on shooting for the...

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3 July, 2020

Lighting tutorial: How light a period drama on a low budget

DP Neil Oseman gives some effective tips on how to light a period drama when finances are tight.                                                    ...

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11 June, 2020

Lighting through windows is an essential art to learn

Lighting through windows is an important skill to learn for would be cinematographers. Here's some top tips from a pro on how to do it.

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