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19 October, 2020

iZotope RX8 Advanced: One of the best just got better

iZotope's audio plugins are renowned for effectively working voodoo magic. Now the company has improved an already amazing plugin with the latest...

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5 October, 2020

Hedge has been updated to make video file management much easier

Hedge, the fast video/audio/image file offloading app, has been upgraded with Presets. Presets may not sound like a big deal, but they actually make...

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25 August, 2020

Color Finale Connect delivers remote colour grading collaboration to Final Cut Pro X users

Color Trix has added a remote collaboration capability to Color Finale, its colour grading plug-in for Final Cut Pro X.                              ...

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10 August, 2020

GoPro Media Mod review: How does it stack up for Vloggers?

With the popularity of vlogging with lightweight gear, we take a look at GoPro's long awaited Media Mod for its Hero8 camera. The GoPro Media Mod for...

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5 August, 2020

OWC Digital Express 4M2 review: A lighting fast SSD RAID system

We review the OWC Digital Express 4M2, a price effective alternative to the ThunderBlade. Let's see how it stacks up.                                ...

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22 June, 2020

DPA Microphones 4097 CORE Interview Kit review

The DPA Microphones 4097 CORE Interview Kit is designed very much for the times. But its use will go way beyond the Covid 19 crisis.                ...

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1 May, 2020

Rogue Amoeba's New Audio Hijack 3.7 Support for Live Streamers

When Covid–19 struck in all its force and after the company released the Broadcast block in 2019, Rogue Amoeba received extensive user requests to...

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30 April, 2020

Audio correction for small budget productions

With really big film productions, creating a soundtrack or adding Foley or other sound is a matter of throwing some money around to hire the best of...

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20 April, 2020

Drawing you into unfamiliar worlds: soundscapes

It’s inherent that a movie needs to use a powerful visual language in order to become a success. But many if not all successful movies also use sound...

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4 March, 2020

The ioSafe Duo: Black box levels of protection?

Review: You want a tough storage system? Well here's one of the toughest we've found. The ioSafe Duo.

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