Post & VFX

27 September, 2020

This image is black and white. No, really.

Replay: Artist and developer Øyvind Kolås has made some extremely viral images of greyscale pictures overlaid by coloured grids that fool the eye...

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17 September, 2020

Watching the Titanic sink in realtime

Replay: A slow, stately animation that tracks the demise of one of the world’s most famous ships in realtime. In her final moments.

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15 September, 2020

Lightworks NLE and QScan now have new owners and a bright future

LWKS Software Ltd has taken ownership of both the Lightworks NLE and QScan AQC software in a move that signals a bright future for both apps.

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10 September, 2020

Mind-boggling hyperlapse shows off Faena District in Miami in ways we didn't think possible

There's no two ways about it. Making a good hyperlapse is incredibly difficult, even for the simplest ones. Which makes this tourism promotion all...

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8 September, 2020

Colourlab Ai: This is the most revolutionary software since colour grading was invented

It might sound like hyperbole, but we aren’t kidding. Colourlab Ai is a new grading system that will turn the grading world on its head, and that...

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5 September, 2020

AJA Ki Pro GO review: Solid and well engineered, and virtually anyone can use it

AJA’s Ki Pro GO is billed as a Multi-Channel HD H.264 USB 3.0 Recorder and Player. Here's our review.                                                ...

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4 September, 2020, the AI based transcription service, goes fully live

Digital Anarchy has updated it's AI based transcription service, with some powerful new features, as well as updating its Premiere...

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27 August, 2020

Final Cut Pro X updated: New proxies, social media sharing, & more 

Apple has released updates to its professional video software, Final Cut Pro X, Motion, and Compressor. Along with new features and improvements, FCP...

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25 August, 2020

Color Finale Connect delivers remote colour grading collaboration to Final Cut Pro X users

Color Trix has added a remote collaboration capability to Color Finale, its colour grading plug-in for Final Cut Pro X.                              ...

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19 August, 2020

Collaborate with a Sound Designer in the Cloud with Audio Design Desk and's seamless integration and Audio Design Desk have been brought together for seamless audio design and editing round tripping in the cloud.  Audio Design Desk now...

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