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14 April, 2020

Adobe Productions: Full multi-project workflows and collaborative editing brought to Premiere Pro

Adobe has released a significant update to Premiere Pro today, which enables full collaborative workflows to take place.

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2 April, 2020

Here are some essential tips for setting up your grading room

Setting up a grading room is a bit more involved than installing a desk and a few monitors. To do it effectively requires a bit more thought. Here's...

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2 April, 2020

Red Giant Complete free for students and teachers, plus monthly option introduced for professionals

Red Giant has made some moves to help both professionals looking for monthly access to Red Giant Complete, and for teachers and students to get it...

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31 March, 2020

Sound Design with Eugene Gearty: Learn sound design from one of the best

Review: Sound is very much the most under appreciated part of production, whether that's documentary or feature films. But the job of the sound...

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27 March, 2020

Tourbox: The control surface you can use for anything?

Review: The Tourbox is a new type of portable control surface that can be adapted to any software. Let's see how it performs!

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26 March, 2020

Work from home with these remote workflows tutorials

This new tutorial series will be essential viewing for anyone who has been thrust suddenly into the world of cloud based post production.

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24 March, 2020

DejaEdit offers 50% off licenses for remote workers

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing people to work from home, and there are many tools available to help, including VPN and video conferencing. But what...

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23 March, 2020

Scratch 9.2: The colour grading software gets substantial new features

Assimilate Scratch has been updated with some major new features and abilities.

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19 March, 2020

This clever new algorithm can make 3D objects from 2D photos

Researchers have written an algorithm to derive 3D graphics from 2D data, quickly and at scale

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16 March, 2020

How to do basic color correction – Grading suite terminology

It pays to know what you are talking about! In our continuing series on basic colour correction, we decipher some of the most common terminology used...

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