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13 December, 2018

Not just for VR: Volumetric video holds huge advantages for traditional video too

At the end of September, Facebook unveiled a volumetric 360-degree camera built in a collaboration with RED Digital Cinema. Known as the Manifold,...

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4 December, 2018

How VR’s vocabulary could be its downfall

GoPro's Fusion allows the use of 'over capture' to select the POV in post. But this term is but one of many to describe the same process, and it...

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10 October, 2018

The Oculus Quest might be the gaming console of the future, right now

Is Facebook’s new Oculus Quest VR headset a more powerful Oculus Go, a less powerful Rift, or something else entirely?

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21 September, 2018

Apple’s new iPhone is much more about AR than you think

Some commentators have dismissed the processing speed upgrade of the iPhone XS and XR as being fairly minor. But the effect such extra processing...

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20 September, 2018

VR is not dead, but it is just finding its feet

Reports of the death of VR may have been greatly exagerrated.

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28 July, 2018

Here's why a 360 camera could be your next must-have tool

360 video? Isn't it a fad just like 3D? Apparently not, and it could change the way you capture video, even if you aren't publishing it in 360 form.

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13 June, 2018

The rapid development of VR could be killing 360 video at film festivals

Why the sheer pace of the development of VR technology could be killing the chance for narrative 360 video to establish itself, and allow full...

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26 April, 2018

VR in a web browser? It's already happening

Mozilla just announced its Firefox Reality browser for standalone VR and AR headsets. But, that particular brand of WebVR is just one of many...

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19 April, 2018

Could standalone headsets transform VR?

The Mirage Solo Standalone headsets, which don't rely on a PC, from Oculus, HTC and Google could spark an interest in virtual reality for a whole new...

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23 March, 2018

Freedom of movement will create the ultimate VR experiences

Samsung’s new S9 smartphone could support movement in a VR headset. But will it? And if it does, what content will viewers be able to watch?

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