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8 October, 2020

Enough with the camera sliders already!

(Replay) Why do we keep moving sideways? The camera slider has become a mainstay for indie and low-budget productions, but, argues Roland Denning, it...

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26 September, 2020

The rise and fall of the interactive cd-rom

The battlefields of the audio visual world are littered with the corpses of dead formats, none more so than the fight to put moving images on to...

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8 September, 2020

Is this the end of the cinema?

Last week Neil Oseman wrote about his experiences going back to the cinema. Today, Roland Denning asks, has cinema had its day? A cinema stands...

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4 September, 2020

Can documentaries ever tell the truth?

Replay: What can we believe these days? The internet has vastly increased the amount of information available to everyone, but not only is a lot of...

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31 August, 2020

How clever should we let cameras get?

Cameras are getting cleverer by the year. But at what point do we draw the line between automation and the discretion of the camera operator? The...

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29 August, 2020

Just what sort of cinematographer do you think you are

It's summer Bank Holiday weekend in the UK, so while most days away are staying local and the industry is still generally on hiatus, we bring you the...

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17 August, 2020

Did we ever really want 3D anyway?

Replay: The major television manufacturers have moved away from 3D displays, which makes us wonder why it wasn't more successful. Roland Denning has...

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16 August, 2020

The Arri Alexa is arguably the most influential filmmaking camera of our time

Replay: The Arri Alexa. Is there anything that can be said this powerhouse and staple of high end filmmaking that hasn't been said before? Roland...

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15 August, 2020

You can't judge a camera by looking at the pictures

Picture quality is only one aspect of choosing a camera. Here's why there are a whole host of other facets you should consider.                      ...

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9 August, 2020

The 2000s turned video and film production completely upside down

The late 2000's heralded the introduction of the RED ONE and the video capable DSLR, and it really was a time of true revolution.

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