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10 September, 2020

Perfect imperfection, the rise and rise of lens flare [sponsored by ZEISS]

Once looked upon as a mistake that was to be avoided at all costs, lens flare is now very much in cinematography fashion, and we now have lenses...

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7 June, 2020

How to use DaVinci Resolve 16: Slow motion and effects

RedShark Replay: DaVinci Resolve 16 is packed with features. But if you're feeling overwhelmed, here's part three of our video tutorial series on the...

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12 March, 2020

LUMIX DC-S1 - The only camera you need in your bag [sponsored]

Want one camera that really does do it all? The Panasonic LUMIX DC-S1 will take on any job you care to throw at it.

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27 February, 2020

10 things to look for in a Video Professional's laptop [sponsored]

If you use your laptop for video editing it’s tempting to go and buy the most powerful one you can afford. Here are 10 important things you should...

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24 February, 2020

Modern stabilisation is a miracle technology inside your camera [sponsored]

Stabilisation is now one of the most important features of any new camera. Panasonic’s S Series cameras feature some of the most advanced in-camera...

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17 February, 2020

This is a great example of how successful an independent web series can be

Ren: The Girl with the Mark is a perfect example of just how successful an independently funded and produced web series can be. And now the programme...

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12 February, 2020

Go pro by submitting your action cam footage as stock [sponsored]

When we think of stock footage you could be fooled into thinking you need a big professional camera system. Think again! With stock footage sites now...

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5 February, 2020

The Panasonic S series cameras are go anywhere, do anything powerhouses [sponsored]

Mirrorless hybrid cameras have opened up a world where the only limitation is your imagination.

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24 January, 2020

Creamsource Micro Colour: A versatile film light for filming on the go

Video review: RedShark video regular Bas Goossens takes a look at the Creamsource Micro Colour. An LED light that offers a few surprises.

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16 January, 2020

Can you really use a $1000 monitor for professional grading?

The democratisation of technology continues unabated, and one area in which this is becoming most noticeable is when it comes to affordable colour...

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