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28 September, 2020

This is how tortoise sex brought Jurassic Park to life

Jurassic Park's success was about more than groundbreaking CGI. It's sound design was no less stunning, including, umm, tortoises. Here's how it was...

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23 September, 2020

Psycho is 60 years old this year. Here's a look back at its iconic sound design

Psycho was a milestone in sound design and it celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. Kevin Hilton looks back on this most iconic of films. Psycho...

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7 September, 2020

Binaural sound has created one of the most immersive theatre experiences

Binaural sound has been around a long time. But, as Kevin Hilton reports, it still has a lot to offer VR and TV production, after success in a...

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9 May, 2020

Creating the real out of the unreal for Ex Machina's sound production

The visual effects take centre stage in Alex Garland's examination of what it means to be human but, as Kevin Hilton explains, Glenn Freemantle's...

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