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4 May, 2017

Why Apple still matters to professionals

Ding exactly what it say not the tin... There has been a lot of Mac-bashing in the industry lately. Russel Fairley mounts the case for the defence...

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2 May, 2017

BoxCast boosts its streaming lineup to 4K

BoxCast unveiled the latest in its lineup of BoxCast Platform products at NAB, the 4K BoxCaster Pro.

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30 March, 2017

Rampant Design releases new tools for Premiere Pro

Rampant Design has unveiled a new series of tools, including presets and templates, aimed squarely at Premiere Pro users looking for a little bit off...

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21 February, 2017

Phantom Flex4K adds global shutter to high speed options

The new Phantom Flex4K-GS: the white body helps dissipate heat. Purveyors of all things fast and awesome, Vision Research, has added a global shutter...

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