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Shooting trade shows: what we used at NAB 2024

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In the fast-paced world of filmmaking and especially trade shows, having the right kit can make all the difference. Chris Wells, our videographer at NAB 2024, shares the essential equipment he relied on, highlighting the importance of simplicity and efficiency.

Starting with the basics, Chris explains the value of having a tripod, even in an event where you are mostly run-and-gun shooting. For static interview discussions, he turned to the Sachtler Ace XL tripod, lent by friends from Sachtler. It is easy to setup and quick to assemble, Chris mentioned the importance of efficiency on tight schedules.

For the camera, Chris opted for the Sony FX3 camera paired with a 22-70mm lens, providing versatility from close-up details to wide-angle shots. Filming in 4K and utilizing the Cine color profile, Chris leveraged the camera's low-light capabilities to capture detailed shots even in dark environments.

For stabilization, Chris used the brand new DJI RS4 Pro gimbal in his setup, offering enhanced control and smooth footage. Paired with an on-camera monitor from Atomos - the Shogun Ultra - Chris had access to histograms and diagrams while filming on the go, ensuring precision and accuracy in every shot.

Reliable audio is key when you are interviewing people. Chris relied on the Sony URX P41D wireless audio system, equipped with two lavalier mics, a receiver, and a transmitter. Known for its bulletproof performance, this wireless audio setup provided clear sound quality for wireless recording.

For behind-the-scenes mobile audio, Chris opted for the Maono microphone system, due to its simplicity and convenience. With easy plug-and-play functionality, this system offers hassle-free recording on the go!

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