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All-in-one Virtual Production from Zero Density

Zero Density's curved LED wall and camera system in action
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Zero Density's curved LED wall and camera system in action

Ralf van Vegten, Chief Marketing Officer of Zero Density, offers a walk-through into the cutting-edge technologies showcased at Zero Density's booth during NAB.

Kicking off the tour is Zero Density's curved LED Display Solution, paired with a camera tracking system capable of rendering up to 8K with a single render engine. The system's adaptive capabilities automatically adjust to the resolution of the camera and lens setup, ensuring seamless integration and performance.

Ralf then introduces their racked render platform, designed for virtual production and Unreal Engine workflows. To streamline the production process, this platform empowers creators with flexibility and efficiency. Moving on to the impressive array of screens, Zero Density presents its flat LED setup, featuring a combination of LED wall and LED extension technologies. Next to this is Zero Density's virtual studio featuring an HDR compositing pipeline that blends the real and virtual worlds together.

A highlight of the tour is the innovative camera system equipped with red light positioning technology, enabling cable-free camera positioning for enhanced mobility and stability.

Rounding off the showcase is Lino, Zero Density's motion graphics platform. Intuitive and user-friendly, Lino allows creators to craft overlay graphics, lower thirds, and motion graphics directly within Unreal Engine, streamlining the production workflow. Watch below!

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