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SmallHD shows off the Ultra 7s Monitors: Bright, colorful, and weatherproof

Set of SmallHD Ultra 7s on display
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Set of SmallHD Ultra 7s on display

Matt Eidenbock, Product Manager at SmallHD, demos the latest addition to its lineup: the Ultra 7s monitors. Packed with full colors, enhanced brightness, and multiple features, these 7-inch monitors are designed for on-set monitoring for filmmakers and videographers.

Featuring an impressive 2300 nits of brightness, the Ultra 7s monitors perform well as an on-set monitor even in bright outdoor conditions. Compatible with cameras such as Sony, RED, and ARRI, these monitors offer versatility on any production set. One standout feature demonstrated by Matt is the addition of a sun hood, providing further protection against glare and ensuring an optimal viewing experience in any environment.

Equipped with 6G SDI for a 4K loopout, the Ultra 7s monitors work efficiency. With an IP rating of 53, these monitors are weatherproof. Users can also customize their monitors with a set of accessories available on the SmallHD website, including opting for different colors. Lastly, the integration of internal antennas eliminates the risk of damage or loss. Watch below!


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