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Teradek highlights next-gen wireless video connectivity

Teradek has developed multiple zero delay systems
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Teradek has developed multiple zero delay systems

Colin McDonald, Product Manager at Teradek, provides an exclusive preview of the latest wireless video solutions. Teradek continues to innovate wireless video transmission from zero-delay streaming to seamless camera-to-cloud connectivity.

Colin starts with Teradek's versatile Bolt and Ace product lines, offering zero-delay solutions designed for various needs. The Ace product line stands out as an affordable option, capable of streaming 4K footage from one transmitter to up to six receivers. This is an ideal choice for a wide range of productions.

Transitioning to the Bolt 6 products, Colin mentions enhanced features and capabilities, particularly in 5G and 6G environments. With Bolt's innovative internal antennas, users can enjoy a sleeker design without compromising performance, ensuring reliable and high-quality transmission.

Lastly, we look at Serv 4K which enables seamless streaming directly to iPads or camera-to-cloud platforms. This functionality is great for remote producers and executives looking to review footage in real time, streamlining the production process and enhancing collaboration across multiple locations.

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