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Kevin Luiz

Kevin Luiz

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Servicing the commercial, corporate, and narrative sector for over fifteen years, Kevin continues to forge products that bridge the gap between purpose built utility, and creative video content. Kevin graduated Columbia College Chicago in 2008 with a major in directing, and a minor in writing. He has since gone on to work on a number of industry leading films as a props assistant, and has traveled the world as the head of video for a guided tour company. His most notable achievements have come from the creation of his own digital agency "Capion Studio" in late 2012. With a primary focus on cinematography & editing, Kevin's passion for creative video content was fully realized. With a desire to pay it forward to fledgling content creators like himself, Kevin joined the RedShark team in early August of 2014 to pass along some of the information he's been privileged to learn himself.
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