David Shapton

David Shapton was the Editor In Chief of RedShark Publications from 2012 to 2020.

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7 July, 2020

Remembering Minidisc: a brave look into the digital future

Replay: Sony stopped production of Minidisc recorders and players after 21 years in 2013. Most 20 year old audio enthusiasts would be surprised to...

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1 July, 2020

Why can't you freeze-frame sound?

Replay: How on earth are complex sounds created by a single cone in a speaker, and why is not possible to freeze-frame sound? Waveform from Sound...

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24 June, 2020

Think the new Mac Pro is too expensive? It isn't.

Replay: It’s shiny, it’s powerful, and it looks like it could shred a pound of cheddar in the time it takes to say “Afterburner”. But is the Mac Pro...

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14 June, 2020

Enjoy your digital films and videos while you can... before they disappear

RedShark Replay: This is a hot topic, so we're giving you another chance to read this: If we don't do something fast, all of our digital films and...

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12 June, 2020

Does new tech really make last year's model obsolete?

Replay: Should companies release new cameras every year? Or should they release cameras with longer lifespans at higher cost? TV graphic by...

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28 March, 2020

SSL 2+ is a chunky professional audio interface with the irresistible bonus of that “SSL Sound”

Review: If you’re into music or sound design, there’s a decision you’re going to have to face at some early point in your career: which audio...

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14 February, 2020

This is why Magix Vegas is now a NLE to look out for

Vegas, an extremely capable NLE that’s been around since 1999, is now owned by Magix. It seems to have found a comfortable and welcoming home with...

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9 February, 2020

No, 8k isn't going to fail just like 3D. Here's why

Is 8K going to go the same way as 3D? Some people think it will. But I think it's a false-equivalence. You can't compare the two.

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7 February, 2020

After 8 years as Editor, I’m leaving RedShark

This is the last article you’ll see from me as Editor-in-Chief of RedShark. I’m leaving to work on an exciting new project.

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30 January, 2020

Audio Design Desk is a breathtakingly effective idea for sound designers

Audio Design Desk - sound design software New audio software will transform the process of making a film soundtrack

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