30 April, 2020

Audio correction for small budget productions

With really big film productions, creating a soundtrack or adding Foley or other sound is a matter of throwing some money around to hire the best of...

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3 April, 2020

Sennheiser Memory Mic: A smartphone mic that works at range

The Sennheiser Memory Mic looks like an affordable option for those who capture video with a smartphone, producing professional sound at an...

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28 March, 2020

SSL 2+ is a chunky professional audio interface with the irresistible bonus of that “SSL Sound”

Review: If you’re into music or sound design, there’s a decision you’re going to have to face at some early point in your career: which audio...

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23 March, 2020

Zaxcom Nova Software update introduces highly useful new features

16 Recording Tracks and an Adaptive Threshold Automixer Algorithm feature amongst updates to the recording mixer.

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13 February, 2020

Pro Tools is still the industry standard to beat, and the latest version shows us why

First look: Avid's Pro Tools is an industry standard for very good reasons indeed. We take a look at the latest version. 

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10 February, 2020

iZotope's Dialogue Match is "almost like magic"

Review: Matching different sound sources and microphones used to be difficult. Until now.

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6 February, 2020

Making Waves: A documentary that gives cinematic sound the attention it deserves

There are many things in life that people don't immediately register unless something is particularly good or particularly bad. Food is one. Most of...

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30 January, 2020

Audio Design Desk is a breathtakingly effective idea for sound designers

Audio Design Desk - sound design software New audio software will transform the process of making a film soundtrack

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29 January, 2020

NAMM 2020: Some audio highlights

Forward thinking with retro features; the new MOOG Subsequent 25 The recent NAMM 2020 show concluded at its regular home in Anaheim. Here are some of...

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21 January, 2020

iRig Pro Duo I/O: A Dual audio interface that fits into your pocket

At last weeks NAMM Show IK Multimedia showcased its new MIDI/XLR audio interface for mobile devices, and it looks intriguing indeed.

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