8 September, 2020

Pink Floyd and the joy of tape loops

Replay: In many respects sampling has made us rather complacent in the way we build up music. As a chance late-night rewatching of The Making of Dark...

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7 September, 2020

Binaural sound has created one of the most immersive theatre experiences

Binaural sound has been around a long time. But, as Kevin Hilton reports, it still has a lot to offer VR and TV production, after success in a...

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6 September, 2020

Sennheiser MKE200: A new professional mic for under $100.

Sennheiser has introduced its new MKE200 microphone for both DSLR/mirrorless cameras and smartphones.                             Sennheiser MKE200....

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27 August, 2020

The sound at the bottom of the world

Replay: The Challenger Deep is the deepest part of the deepest trench on the planet. It is 10,900m or 6.7 miles deep, pressure is around 16,000PSI,...

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21 July, 2020

Alan Turing invented computer music

Similar to unearthing a time capsule, a recently re-discovered recording by Alan Turing reveals his pioneering efforts in the field of computer...

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20 July, 2020

How to reduce embedded wind noise in your audio

Wind noise is the bane of audio recording. Here are some tips on how to reduce it using the tools already in your NLE.                              ...

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10 July, 2020

VCA Faders: One simple thing that can make your audio mixing much easier

Replay: If you often end up with layer upon layer of audio, how do you make easy sense of it when it comes to mixing? Tim Dunphy takes us through the...

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7 July, 2020

Remembering Minidisc: a brave look into the digital future

Replay: Sony stopped production of Minidisc recorders and players after 21 years in 2013. Most 20 year old audio enthusiasts would be surprised to...

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1 July, 2020

Why can't you freeze-frame sound?

Replay: How on earth are complex sounds created by a single cone in a speaker, and why is not possible to freeze-frame sound? Waveform from Sound...

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22 June, 2020

DPA Microphones 4097 CORE Interview Kit review

The DPA Microphones 4097 CORE Interview Kit is designed very much for the times. But its use will go way beyond the Covid 19 crisis.                ...

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