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Filmstro Pro V3 adds new tools and a revamped audio engine

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Filmstro Pro, the web-based app that can be used to create customized soundtracks, has unveiled Filmstro Pro V3 featuring an enhanced UI experience, a brand new audio engine, and plenty of new and improved tools.

The third version of Filmstro Pro features a revamped audio engine, making it easier to not only create music for a project, but precisely and quickly shorten or lengthen a piece of music. You’ll be able to lengthen a track in Filmstro’s library without losing any of the quality. 

Version 3 also adds some great new tools, including a Pen tool to add key frames (control Momentum, Depth, and Power); Sliders have moved to a standalone section; the Selection tool adds more transition presets; there is easier access to the new music and video objects along with the audition and latch mode; and much more. 

Filmstro Pro is a great and affordable way to create customizable music for a film or video project. It launched back in 2016 and has seen some great features and enhancements added over the years, including many improvements to the UI and search function.

Like many apps, Filmstro Pro is subscription-based and billed annually (it did have perpetual licenses but these are being phased out this year).

  • YouTuber costs $99/year (breaks down to $8.25/month) and is ideal for projects aimed at social media.
  • PRO is an ideal option for those doing productions for online use and commercials, and costs $249/year ($20.75/month).
  • PRO PLUS is great for those creating film, TV, streaming, and other content. It costs $498/year ($41.50/month).
  • Student and Educational pricing makes it affordable for students and schools to use Filmstro Pro. For Students, it's only $75/year (per workstation) and for schools (Educational), it's $49/year (per workstation). 

Get full details on pricing here.

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