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Sound Devices releases firmware updates for its 8-series

Sound Devices 8-series
Sound Devices 8-series

Sound Devices updates its 32-bit float recording, and streamlined functionality, to give more flexible audio routing options for its users.

Sound Devices has released a firmware update, v10.0, for its 8-Series mixer recorders (833, 888, and Scorpio models), adding features based on user feedback. This free update introduces 32-bit float recording for ISO tracks, preventing clipping regardless of gain settings, and a new Daylight Mode for improved LCD visibility in bright conditions. Users can now rename record folders directly on the device, choose playback audio routing, and benefit from an enhanced SD-Remote app with a comprehensive Routing Matrix tab. This is great for production crews, to continue hearing live audio without interruption while the sound mixer can check playback of takes.

Download the v10.01 firmware here.


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