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Shure upgrades WL18Xm professional lavalier microphone line

Shure lavalier microphones on stage
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Shure lavalier microphones on stage

Shure announced the launch of its new upgraded WL18Xm professional low-profile lavalier condenser microphones at last week's InfoComm 2024. 

The new WL18Xm line promises to enhance sound quality such as improved presence response and higher dynamic range, to meet the growing demands of wireless systems. Specifically engineered for speech and presentation in corporate, educational, and worship settings, these microphones promise performance and reliability.

This lineup includes the cardioid WL185m, super cardioid WL184m, and omnidirectional WL183m models, all of which are designed for seamless integration with wireless bodypack transmitters.

Key features
  • Compact Design: The WL18Xm microphones are 8 mm shorter than before, making them lighter and more discreet.
  • Polar Patterns: Available in three polar patterns, cardioid, supercardioid, and omnidirectional.
  • Connectivity Options: Users can choose LEMO or TA4F connector options for flexibility.
  • Tie Clip: The tie clip can be rotated in 90° intervals for precise positioning.
  • Color Options: Available in both black and white to match different settings and preferences.


The WL18Xm professional lavalier microphones starts at $139 for models with TA4F connections and $159 for models with LEMO connections.  Purchase includes the choice of a black or white lavalier, tie clip, snap-fit foam windscreen, and zippered storage bag. 

Shure’s wireless systems, including the BLX, GLX-D+, and SLX-D, will be available bundled with WL18Xm options later this year.

“Our WL series has been the go-to lavalier solution for decades, known for reliability, durability, and full, accurate sound. As wireless technology continues to improve, we saw an opportunity to innovate and evolve the industry-standard WL line into a product that meets the requirements of professionals using today’s modern, digital systems,” said Nick Wood, Senior Director, Professional Audio Products, at Shure. “We’re introducing a product that users already know and love, now with lower self-noise, improved RF immunity, higher dynamic range, and improved max SPL.”

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