David Shapton

David Shapton was the Editor In Chief of RedShark Publications from 2012 to 2020.

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22 October, 2020

We never talk about the most important part of "seeing" an image

Replay: How our brains interpret the real world might hold the key to how we improve our electronic imagery.    

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18 October, 2020

What's wrong with subscription software?

(Replay) What is it about subscriptions that makes people hate them so much? Full disclaimer: I think they're a really good idea.                    ...

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2 October, 2020

This may be the weirdest video you have ever seen

(Replay) This is odd. Very odd. But there's a simple - well, quite complicated, actually - explanation.                                              ...

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1 October, 2020

The close-up effects of a sonic boom

(Replay) We spend a lot of time and money designing microphone pre amps that are so quiet you can turn the wick up and listen to the grass growing....

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28 September, 2020

1970s sports coverage: familiar but horrifyingly old fashioned

(Replay) It's easy to poke fun at technology from 45 years ago, but you can't help admiring the people who worked in live outside broadcasts back...

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9 September, 2020

The Great Digital Audio Illusion

We take a look back at the early days of digital audio, when the newness of that "velvety silence" masked early faults. Disc graphic by...

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25 August, 2020

Why the Moon landing was not a hoax filmed in slow motion

RedShark Replay: A sizeable number of otherwise quite sane people now believe that the Moon landings never took place. Here’s one of the many reasons...

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24 August, 2020

This is how ARRI makes cameras

Replay: In 2015 RedShark's Editor In Chief, David Shapton, spent a day at ARRI's headquarters in Munich. Here's another chance to see this...

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23 August, 2020

The world's worst video recording format

Replay: The video at the end of this article proves that some things can be both clever and horrible at the same time. The World's Worst Video...

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11 August, 2020

Here's how to predict the technology future with three everyday, simple words

Replay: Welcome to a world where technology is developing at such a high rate that we may not be fully aware of how fast things are moving. Welcome...

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