28 September, 2020

Atomos releases affordable HDMI to USB webcam adaptor

The Atomos Connect is a new HDMI to USB converter that will turn any camera into a webcam or internet streaming device.                              ...

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26 September, 2020

The rise and fall of the interactive cd-rom

The battlefields of the audio visual world are littered with the corpses of dead formats, none more so than the fight to put moving images on to...

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24 September, 2020

Tesla’s connectivity issue is a mere blip, not the road to hell

Tesla suffers a global network outage and the internet couldn’t conceal its schadenfreude. With customer’s suffering connectivity issues, such as not...

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7 September, 2020

Nvidia announces a 10,496 core GPU, the RTX3090

24GB and 10,496 cores? If you think the Nvidia RTX3090 sounds like a pokey GPU, you'd be right. And it'll be rather handy for video production....

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2 September, 2020

Samsung Q700T: A new milestone for 8k televisions has been reached

Samsung’s new Q700T television is the most inexpensive 8K capable set on the market, and it is firmly targeted at would be PS5 and Xbox Series X...

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28 August, 2020

This amazing Google technology builds detailed 3D images from tourist photos

Building a 3D image from photos is not a new technique, but this new system from Google Research takes it to a whole new level with unprecedented...

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25 August, 2020

Why the Moon landing was not a hoax filmed in slow motion

RedShark Replay: A sizeable number of otherwise quite sane people now believe that the Moon landings never took place. Here’s one of the many reasons...

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22 August, 2020

Moore's law has stalled. Where does processing go from here?

Moore's law has been unreliable for a while, so how are processor manufacturers going to be making chips faster in the future?                      ...

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11 August, 2020

Here's how to predict the technology future with three everyday, simple words

Replay: Welcome to a world where technology is developing at such a high rate that we may not be fully aware of how fast things are moving. Welcome...

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4 August, 2020

How driverless cars will lead to better cameras

Replay: Before very long, and certainly by the year 2025, cars will essentially be computers on wheels, and the self driving cars that will dominate...

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